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brandsync® – efficiency through emotional brand synchronisation

Our Mission

brandsync® is the B2B and B2C marketing and communication network that makes you more efficient by moving you ahead in the way you and your employees think, by giving your brand emotional competitive advantage, by creating synchronised customer and employer marketing experiences at any decision stage.

The basis for this is our brandsync® management tool, scientifically sound, tailored to the marketing practise, holistically oriented. And because for a (R)evolution it is not enough just to kindle the fire, we always think from the beginning to the final goal: from the idea, through the strategy, to individual executions and implementation of tailor-made measures. Do we want to talk?

Our Mission

Typical questions

You have some questions in mind? So did others too before they started to work with us and followed our way of thinking. Which by the way is scientifically founded.

Emotions are everywhere and drive all our decisions. Why should that fact halt when your customers enter their office in the morning? It does not. Whatever you do effects them. So, should you not better question yourself what emotional triggers best activate a positive reaction from your purchase decision makers?

If that is what you think you are surely underestimating the importance of your offering. Don’t forget: You are not the only one in your market place and the differentiation purely on rational differences is ultimately endless. So, do you really think that knowing what could give you the competitive edge to your competitors could not be beneficial?

Firstly, great. We are happy that everything is working so successfully. But what about tomorrow? Will that continue with new players coming up. And is the way you are doing the marketing really good enough to beat future players?

Trust us, a lot. A good brand positioning that is also well communicated within can very often be the catalyst for new developments and efficiency drives. Only if everyone knows the exact brand position everyone can drive into the same direction. So, would you not like to improve the way your organisation works from within?

Well done, that is actually more than some of your competitors have. But is this positioning still valid in today’s complex market place? And also don’t forget, different marketing channels and customer groups might differ in their needs and potentials. Do you know enough about these potentials and restrictions along your touchpoint reality?

Expensive, that is true. But that part we have covered already by doing the research and insights work. What you get from us is a hands on, very practical approach that you can activate for you and your organisation from day one. Would it not be great to use the proven insights for your own marketing approach to become more successful?

That is often the case. But how can both sides really work in sync if they do not know what they are working towards. And that is where a good brand definition is crucial. Getting a common brand understanding fine-tuned and properly aligned really helps your day to day work. Would you not like to kick off tangible and measurable improvements in the way your people develop and sell in sync?

Not uncommon and quite your right. But this is exactly the situation where a lot of the knowledge and hard work that went into developing the insights and strategies tend to get lost. Don’t you think it would be more efficient not to keep everything in one hand?

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