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A lot of what brandsync® does is to dig deeper into category, market and communication surroundings. That does not always require bespoke research. In many cases using existing information, looking around and stirring it up the brandsync® way brings our client a long way ahead already.

  • Insights identification

  • Customer segmentation

  • Target group persona development

  • Brand study

  • Communication audit

  • Competition review

  • Touchpoint evaluation

  • Positioning check

  • Brand and corporate design assessment

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brandsync® is seeking the “ideal location in people’s minds” for brands, product portfolios, services, company visions. brandsync® defines the ideal synchronicity load of the touchpoint reality. Getting there is often hard work, almost always fun, definitely efficiently conducted and success oriented thanks to how brandsync® works.

  • Company vision development

  • Brand value identification

  • Brand positioning and architecture

  • Brand story and storytelling

  • Employers branding strategy

  • Touchpoint load and activity proposal

  • Digital impact strategy

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brandsync® moves beyond words and develops, creates and implements emotionally charged and synchronised employee and customer experiences and services. Keeping everything in one hand is another driver for our overall efficiency promise.

  • Employer branding and mind change

  • Sales force training and optimisation

  • Pitch support

  • Synchronised customer marketing and service implementations

  • Design and CI definition

  • Creative and design briefing

  • Digital contents

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