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29 03, 2018

Interview mit Dr. Jürgen Kütemeyer

2018-03-30T12:10:28+00:00März 29th, 2018|- Marketing Practice -|

Interview mit Dr. Jürgen Kütemeyer „Emotional Branding muss international funktionieren“ Digital ist global. Deshalb müssen Unternehmen Markenerlebnisse inszenieren, die weltweit zum Ziel führen, sagt Markenexperte Dr. Jürgen Kütemeyer. Welche Rolle Emotionen hier spielen und wie Unternehmen dabei durch die Zusammenarbeit mit [...]

14 03, 2018

Auto-Piloting to brand success

2018-03-14T09:02:28+00:00März 14th, 2018|- The Science Behind -|

Auto-Piloting to brand success About the added value of of implicit measurement methods: There are many traits supposed to be associated with a brand. But how deep are the sentiments really rooted in the customer's heads; to what extent does an alleged strong image also reflect in [...]

14 03, 2018

Reward and punishment

2018-03-14T09:03:00+00:00März 14th, 2018|- Marketing Practice -|

Reward and punishment It's all a matter of reward and punishment: 136 students at the dual University Baden-Württemberg in Ravensburg evaluated brand within the framework of a joint study conducted by the DHBW and the HORIZON journal. Brand perception was examined with the help of a response-time-based [...]

14 03, 2018

Emotional Access

2018-03-14T09:03:22+00:00März 14th, 2018|- Marketing Practice -|

Emotional Access For certain companies a (burdensome) duty, for others a (neglected) freedom: sustainability reporting. Especially for small and large enterprises, in industry, commerce and services thr chances are predominant. Sustainability reporting helps strengthen trust. Properly seized, embedded in a communication strategy, synchronized between business areas, messages [...]

14 03, 2018

Speak brand language

2018-03-14T09:02:52+00:00März 14th, 2018|- The Science Behind -|

Speaking brand language Perspicacious companies and brands have discovered the power of the limbic system. They are now using it in order to direct communications more directly and purposely,  and in order to permanently pay into the reward systems of their customers. This creates positive, emotional rewarding [...]

14 03, 2018

(Not) a crystal clear case

2018-03-14T09:03:09+00:00März 14th, 2018|- Marketing Practice -|

(Not) a crystal clear case How sales and marketing in a highly innovative technical industry focused on the emotional patterns of the target groups. Surprising, yet convincing results. SCHOTT - Smart Touch Experience the power of intuitive control. New products speak for themselves, they thought [...]

6 03, 2018

Wie Herkunft unsere Wahrnehmung prägt

2018-03-13T13:46:26+00:00März 6th, 2018|- Science Update -, Unkategorisiert|

Kultur und Gehirn: Wie Herkunft unsere Wahrnehmung prägt - Georg Northoff Was sehen Menschen, wenn sie in ein Aquarium schauen? „Na, Fische!“ werden sie sagen. Stimmt, aber ganz so einfach ist es nicht, sagt der Neurophilosoph Prof. Dr. Georg Northoff. „Europäer und Nordamerikaner sehen zuerst den größten Fisch. Japaner dagegen nehmen zuerst die vielen kleinen Fische und die Pflanzen im Aquarium [...]